Replaced LED lamp as it was used in three wavelengths
Can be replaced without the need for a separate ballast even with a built-in converter

Korea's first LED edge type, soft light, no glare
When replacing, the handle part can be easily replaced with PC material
Long lifespan of 40,000 hours with heat dissipation structure

Low energy consumption
Stable LED constant current structure maintains long life

Suitable for easy-to-use base E26/E27
Eco-friendly product: RoHS response (mercury-free, lead-free)

Staged multi-stage light distribution structure
Special anti-glare lens

Industry's first 0.3mm copper PCB application
Light distribution and heat dissipation patent, design patent
Metal PCB patent application

Low energy consumption
Eco-friendly product: ROHS response (mercury-free, lead-free)

Drop test 1.7M operation result without abnormality
Insulated product, safe from electric shock
Use of metal PCB to cure LED, solve heat accumulation and maintain long life

Longer life than regular halogen lamps
No UV, no electromagnetic waves harmful to human body, no flicker

Higher brightness compared to other companies using SMD type (Chip size: 5450)
70~80% power consumption reduction compared to general halogen lamps
Mercury-free, lead-free, no environmentally hazardous substances, RoHS requirements satisfied